Regulatory Service Reform

Contemporary practice in regulatory service design and provision now features a greater emphasis on supporting voluntary compliance through education. We have worked extensively with regulatory policy and service leadership, field staff and industry and community partners to migrate services towards best practice.

We have conducted a broad range of consulting projects in this field incorporating:

  • Development of national approaches to compliance and enforcement business models and enhancing cooperation between jurisdictions.
  • Enhanced organisational capacity, flexibility and responsiveness through redesigned business models, effective strategic and operational planning and adoption of business excellence and continuous process improvement methodology.
  • Examining the role of licences, levies and fee structures, penalty regimes and sanctions as part of the regulatory regime.
  • Reduction of unnecessary bureaucracy (red tape) and economic burden of regulation on the community and industry incorporating the identification of real and tangible savings.
  • Support for cultural change from a strong enforcement focus to service excellence and community education.
  • The adoption of risk management principles within service planning and resource allocation (aligning resources to risk).
  • Development of service level agreements between parties for the delivery of regulatory and compliance services.
  • Transition to full cost recovery for regulatory services and activities.


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